Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We've Moved!

Well, not physically yet, that is a post for another day!

BUT, we have moved blogs. I've decided this blog has been dedicated to my journey to mommyhood while enduring fertility treatments because of PCOS. I think my widdle girls deserve their own blog now.

I would love it if you'd follow me over to our new location!

It is: http://mitandbur.blogspot.com/

See you there!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Thank you all for the comments. I really had no idea I still had so many people reading this. I know I have followers...but still...

Anyway, I think I'm going to change my mind about blogging. I think I'll stick with it. Since deciding last week that I didn't want to blog anymore, I've though of at least three things I've wanted to post like how the girls are sleeping terrible and so are we. And how Katie rolled over three times yesterday. And they tried cereal. And they are getting their pictures taken tomorrow. And, and, and...

I guess I'd still like a place to vent and share. I guess I'll stick around. And I guess I don't need to feel any pressure to post all the time. When I get to it, I get to it, right? :0) AND...I guess I'll just be careful about what personal information I put on here.

Can you tell I'm a little loopy today? I probably only get to bed for about 6 hours a night lately and it's VERY interrupted. I get up and go in the nursery to deal with one of the girls at least5-10 times a night. Sigh.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The end.

I've been thinking for a while to stop blogging. I just don't have the time. My reason for starting this blog to begin with was to have a place to vent and share my infertility experience. Now that my little girls are here I don't really have the time, and usually not the energy to keep up. I've only been posting a couple of times a month lately anyway. And that's not even so bad, but I feel obligated to post. Like I need to keep everyone updated...well...I don't feel like it anymore.

And to top it off, one of the blogs I read posted a link to Raising Colorado's site...who experienced something very disturbing this week. After reading this, it basically sealed the deal for me. I'm done.

I'll leave this site up for about a week or so to give my "readers" (if I really have any left) a chance to read this...then it's coming down.

I really appreciate the comments, advice, and experience some of you have shared with me over the couple of years I've had this blog. It really helped me through my journey of infertility to pregnancy to now motherhood. This particular journey has come to an end.