Friday, February 26, 2010

My first early day

Today I left work early for the babies.

Yesterday was a bad day for BH contractions. The doc says I am allowed up to 10 a day and if I have more I need to call him. Well yesterday I'm pretty sure at at least got to 10 if not one or two over.

Today I decided I would take it easy and make myself sit at my desk at work and not do a bunch of running around. So many people at work have offered to do even the simplest things for me like filling my water bottle or getting documents off the printer for me. I normally hate asking for help, but today I was going to give in and let people help me. Well that didn't seem to help today. I had three by about 10am. I figured okay, I'll allow myself six and then I'll go home and relax. Well shortly after that I had another one. I decided to go talk to by boss and let her know I probably won't be staying the whole day. I told her why and she told me to go home now. At that time it was about 11:20, I decided I would leave at noon. So I did.

I came home ate some lunch and parked my keester in the recliner. I've probably had two or three more since I've been home, but I've been home for six I don't think that's so bad.

I did call my doc when I left the office just to let them know what's going on.

I'm only 25 weeks, I'd hate for anything bad to happen. I'm making myself swallow my pride and let people help me. Hubby has been so good. He was a little upset with me yesterday that I didn't leave work early, so I promised today I would be more careful.

I know I get them the most when my pelvis is really hurting me. It hurts me the most at work, because I'm sitting upright all day, so when I go to stand it is pretty painful then I contract. At home I'm reclined, with my feet up, so there is hardly any pressure at all on my pelvis. It is still uncomfortable to get up, but not as bad at all. I have a feeling that I'll be cut to half days sooner that later. In fact, at my appointment next week I'm going to let the doctor know I think that would be best. As much as it would suck financially, the babies are more important.

Now let me clarify the contractions I'm feeling. They aren't labor contractions, they are Braxton Hicks contractions. They aren't painful, but my uterus contracts and gets really hard. I have a hard time telling if I'm having one when I'm walking because my tummy gets tight when I'm standing anyway. If I feel like I might be having one while I'm walking, I stop and try to relax my tummy then push to see if it feels hard. I've also had a couple of these the last few night while I'm sleeping. It cramps so hard I wake up.

I'm assuming this weekend I'll be feeling better, since I'm pretty lazy on the weekends, then we'll see how next week goes. My appointment isn't until Thursday, so hopefully nothing happens between now and then. I'm so thankful my boss is treating me so good. The only thing she could do better is to get me a laptop (we have spares at the office) that has our database on it so I could work while I'm at home. That's the problem is the database. I guess they are concerned about security. Oh well...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Just checking in

Since it's been about a week since my last post, I thought I'd drop in and say hi.

Not much new going on these days. I had a bad heartburn all week last week, but it seemed to go away over the weekend. I'm also a massive pizza face lately. I'm blaming hormones and stress. I swear I didn't break out this bad even in high school, but whaduya do? Sadly, make up doesn't help much, and probably makes it worse.

I do have a baby shower planned. I never thought that I'd be able to have a baby shower of my own. I thought I would always be the attendee. This should be interesting. My mother is planning it for March 21. Invites are going in the mail this week. I can't believe it's almost March already, where has January and February gone?

March is going to go by fast too, I have a feeling. Each week there is something going on. We get to look at the babies again on the 4th. I can't wait to see them again and how much they've grown. They sure are kicking a lot these days. Sometimes, if they get me in just the right spot it almost hurts - they're strong lil' buggers. My bladder is also getting crowded. I feel like I'm spending half the day in the bathroom. I've been getting up about every two hours to pee at night.

Hubby also has his next surgery in about 2 1/2 weeks. Hopefully it won't be as invasive and he'll recover quickly. It will be nice to have both the surgeries behind us and be able to focus on the babies and getting ready for their arrival.

Well, I guess that about wraps it up for now. Ta ta!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A little sunshine

Finally some good news in our house!

Hubby had an appointment today with his surgeon. He decided to bump up his surgery from March 22 to the 11th. Not only does that mean he can have reversal surgery quicker, but he will have two more weeks of recovery time before the babies arrive!

Also, the surgeon is going to try to do laparoscopy surgery instead of slicing him open again. We are crossing our fingers, that would be a huge bonus!

And, just an update from my last post...I'm not in such a dark place as I was. Our situation hasn't changed, but I'm trying to not let it bog me down. I know this too shall pass and there is a reason for everything.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

At least we have the babies

I have to admit. Life at our house has not been pleasant so far in 2010. Between Hubby's health, some financial issues, and my own ups and downs, life sucks. The only think keeping me from a breakdown is knowing my lovely baby girls need me to stay healthy and not stressed. It almost seems like they know when I start to freak. When my mind starts going wild I'll feel a good swift kick to my spine or my bladder and I remember, no matter what else is going on, I am so lucky.

I am lucky to have gotten pregnant on our last try.

I'm lucky to not only get pregnant with one baby but two.

I am lucky to be pregnant with two babies who are growing perfectly.

I am lucky to be growing healthy babies, and staying fairly healthy myself.

Staying healthy and keeping these babies all snug and warm in my belly is the most important thing. I have to remember that. The rest of life is just fluff and will work itself out one way or another. So many thing are out of my control, but I can control my mind and not allow myself to stress out.

I do also have to admit I don't know how to deal with it all. My first reaction to any confrontation is to avoid it and leave. I was so tempted to pack a bag last night and leave for a couple of days, just to get away from it all. I didn't. I know everything will be waiting for me when I return.

I don't want to get into details, but this year, other than the fact we are going to have two newborns in a few months, is going to be the most challenging year I know for me personally, but I'm sure for Hubby and our relationship.

Sorry for the vague and depressing post. I just needed to vent or something...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

22w Appt

I had my "cervix check" appointment this morning. Cervix still looks good, although it is shorter than it was two weeks ago. Dr. M said he wasn't concerned at this point.

He checked the babies heartbeats and they are still pounding away good and strong. I got some pics of their heads/faces. One of them turned out really good and clear. The others are kind hard to decipher.

I told Dr. M about my pelvic pain, and he said that was pretty common and there isn't much to do about it. He said just do whatever makes me the most comfortable...which is for the most part, sitting. He suggested a support belt, but said it may or may not help. I think I'll pass.

Another thing we talked about was bed rest. He anticipates I'll cut my hours down to half days when I get to 28 weeks. Of course we'll see how things go, but I did talk to my boss about it today. That is only about 5 weeks away...

Well I think that's about it. It was a pretty short and sweet appointment. Speaking of sweet, at my next appointment in two weeks, I get to drink the lovely, sugary glucose drink. Yippee skippy. Oh, and he decided I needed to do that because my belly is measuring at 32, which is big even for twins at this time. I should only be about 26-27cm right now.

Okay, now I really think that's it.

Ta ta for now!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snap, crackle, pop

Those would be the sounds of my hips. On Sunday night I was sleeping (one of the worst nights of sleep every, actually) and as I rolled over, hip? back? pelvis?...something popped. It hurt bad.

The next day (yesterday) it hurt to walk around. I think my body is splitting in half already. As the day went on it got worse. Coworkers were even commenting that I was waddling. Thanks guys.

This morning I got up and I felt better, though not 100%. As the day went on today I started hurting again. It is a weird spot to's like my groin area, but lower between my legs. It's weird. Anywho, we'll see if tomorrow is any better. I probably just pulled something weird. Or I'm growing two gigantic babies who are breaking my pelvis.

On another note. I watched the new 19 Kids and Counting show last night. The episode was about Michelle having to deliver her 24 week old baby. I definitely thought it was so sad when I first heard about it in December, but now that I'm 21 weeks...I can't imagine having to deliver in 3 weeks. They are so tiny and underdeveloped at that age. Ugh. I was all teary eyed while I was watching it.

And one more side note. My friend is bringing over some of her baby girl clothes on Friday for me to go through. I'm so excited. I can't believe I get to be one of those girls who gets to get hand me down clothes and set up a nursery and finally be able to relate to other moms. I'm so thankful.

Alright, that's all for now.