Thursday, April 29, 2010

34 weeks - a big day!

First of all - yay for reaching 34 weeks! It's official, I can stay in town to deliver and not go up north. Such a relief!

Now that I know for sure which hospital I am going to, I can pre-register. That is totally exciting and scary at the same time. I guess this is for real. We have to baby girls coming VERY soon!

I also have printed the paper work to fill out for their birth certificates and SSN's.

Today I also had an appointment at the UW Me.dical Cen.ter. First I had a NST (non-stress test) done. It was the first time I got to hear the babies heartbeats. It was such a beautiful sound! When the nurse started hooking up the dopplers, I told her on Tuesday they were both head down. She found baby A's right away. Baby B she searched around a little then finally gave up and went to get the u/s machine since she couldn't pin point her heartbeat. After using the u/s she found B's right away...and now she's transverse. Ugh, stubborn child! How is that physically possible with the amount of room they have in there for one to be head down and the other sideways? Strange.

Baby A was pretty active at first, but then fell asleep, so the nurse had to wake her up. She had this little vibrating buzzer thingy and put it about where A's rump was and buzzed her once. Poor little girl was woken up in a second. Both babies were very awake after that.

I also had a monitor on me for contractions. I think during the test, which lasted 20-30 mins I had 4-5 contractions. Later when I saw the doc he noticed it but said it's to be expected at this point.

After the NST, I went to have the u/s's done on my arteries. Everything went smooth for that too.

Finally it was time to sit and wait for the doc to go over everything with me. After waiting for about an hour - again - for him to come into the room, we went over the results. My blood pressures have been really good. My blood flow is back in the normal range and not high or borderline anymore - woohoo!

He asked me if we were planning to have any more kids after this pregnancy. I said nope, this is it. He said "What's the plan?" I was confused, I said "What plan?" he said for birth control. I told him I hadn't even thought about it much, but I was on the pill before and will probably go back to that. He suggested something like an IUD since with having babies I might not remember to take the pill everyday. Okay, I get that. I'll think about it later. He said what we really need to do it have "Dad" get a vasectomy. I just kind of laughed it off. Seriously though, I wouldn't even consider that, for one, it is so permanent. I know right now we don't plan to have more kids, but we aren't even 30 yet, maybe in two or three years we'll change our minds, or maybe not, but I want to leave the option available. Besides, with me having PCOS, I'll have to control it with hormones somehow, like with the pill, or whatever my doc and I decide will work best. I don't know why it irked me so bad, I guess because I won't even consider asking Hubby to do that, and probably because the doc went on and on about it for a few minutes.

Anyway, that was about the gist of the appointment. He, like Dr. M, even told me how well I'm doing. He said twins are supposed to be complicated, but I haven't been complicated at all. The NST nurse was surprised I hadn't had any issues at all and haven't had to go to the hospital for anything. I guess I'm just awesome like that - lol. Then doc said "Congrats, you've graduated" and that was it. I'm done with the UWMC - yes!!

Now I'm off to fill out paperwork and pre-register!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

33w5d appt

I had my appointment this morning. I got to drink the lovely glucola again, since my babies are large, he wants to double check there is no insulin issues. I should hear the results in a few days.

He did a quick ultrasound to look at the heartbeats this morning and they are still going strong!

He also checked my cervix via u/s, still long and closed! I don't know why I'm so surprised, but I really am. For some reason I thought there would be a big change and I'd be sent to the hospital or be put on strict bed rest or something. Nope. My body is holding up really well! It's about time it does what it's supposed to!

While he was doing the u/s we got to see the heads of both babies. They are still both head down. It was cute and he printed the pic for me. I'll see if I can get it posted soon.

It is looking like these babies might stay head down. I wondered if they were still in that position (they were at my last appointment), because they have been moving like crazy lately. I guess that is just four knees and feet pummeling my diaphram, lungs and ribs :0)

Dr. M asked if I was still working. I told him I was still working 4 hours a day. He was really surprised. He said I am doing really, really well. I don't know if he was in a particularly good mood this morning or if I am really that amazing (ha!), but he was so happy for me that I'm doing so well.

I can't believe 34 weeks is Thursday already! I get to stay in town to deliver - yay!!! Thursday I'm also trekking back up to Seattle to the bp doc. I know I'm having a NST done, but I'm not sure what else. I'm planning not to work that day since sitting in the car and at the appointment will be enough for my pelvis that day I think.

I had all kinds of questions for the doc today, but it was kind of crazy at his office. Normally after my u/s's I meet him in his office to discuss the results. Today, since I had to have my blood drawn exactly an hour after I drank the gunk I had to go from my u/s to the nurses station. I thought I'd go back to his office when I was done, but he met me out there. He was talking, the nurse was poking me, the receptionist was telling him he had a call on line was very distracting. The next thing I know he's on the phone, I'm at the reception desk scheduling my next appointment and then that's it.

None of the questions were too important, but more curiosity questions. I guess it's nothing I can't ask about at my next appointment...if I get there :0)

Next appointment in two weeks - I'll be two days shy of 36 - yahoo!! Oh and he said that if I get to 36 then the babies will probably be able to come home with me right away and not have to stay longer!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

33 weeks!!

Wow, time is really flying now...although it seemed to have gone fast most of this pregnancy. I can't believe we are down to mere weeks instead of months!

Yesterday my body decided to celebrate by giving me a mini panic attack. I went to the bathroom when I got up in the morning and saw some light brown discharge. My first thoughts were that my car is almost on empty, I haven't packed my bag yet and we don't know "exactly" where the hospital is up north. Then reality sank in and I calmed myself down. Spotting can happen for a long time before labor. There was no fresh blood and I wasn't having any other contractions or anything. If I saw it again I was going to call the doctor's office just to let them know, but it didn't happen again, so I guess it was just a fluke.

My hips are starting to really bother me from sleeping on my sides. Even now they are still aching and I've been up for over 3 hours. I can't wait to sleep on my back again!

I'm curious how much weight I've packed on since my last appointment. My belly is feeling so heavy these days. Getting ready for work in the morning is tiring. I end up sitting on the toilet lid while I brush my teeth because I'm tired already. I've given up cooking anything that takes any time at all or else I have to go sit down every few minutes.

Of course bending over is pretty much out of the question. I wear slip on shoes all the time too. Drying my legs and feet off has become quite interesting when I get out of the shower, so has shaving my legs. I'm probably going to give up soon. Apologies now to Dr. M and Hubby...although Dr. M has seen worse I'm sure.

I just have to get through 5 more days then I can deliver locally. My fingers (and legs) are crossed - lol!

I have a doctor appointment next Tuesday to check my cervix. Hopefully it's still holding up. Then Thursday I get to trek back to Seattle for another blood pressure appointment. They said I'll have a NST done too. I'm going to ask my regular doctor on Tuesday about it though. I would think he could do that test if it is necessary. I just don't think I need to travel all the way up there this late in the game. We'll see.

Anywho, I think that's about it. Have a great weekend ya'll!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby Pool

A coworker suggested I set up a baby pool for people to guess when the girls will arrive. If you wanna play, click the button on the right of my blog for ExpectNet. The name of the game is ladybugs.

Have fun!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

We won the game!

I'm 32 weeks today!! **wearing party hat and blowing a kazoo**

According to my doc we've "won the game"...I consider it more of a battle or a war, but a game sounds nicer. He says if we reached 32 weeks most babies have no problems. What a huge relief!

How am I feeling? Uncomfortable! This last week or so I've really felt a lot of changes in my belly. I don't know if it was the knowledge of finding out they are 4.5lbs each or what, but man, can I feel it. My pelvic pain that I've complained about has not left. And now it's gotten to the point where it won't even go away over night anymore. I used to feel pretty good in the morning and then get sore in the afternoon and evening, but sleeping seemed to cure it. Oh well...this too shall pass.

I've also really noticed how hard it is to breathe these days. Reclining and laying down is when it's the worst. Thankfully that doesn't last all day. Usually when they are the most active in the evenings is when I feel it the most. It's almost equal now between them kicking and just rolling around. The rolling makes me feel nauseous. It is the strangest feeling. There is also a body part that keeps lodging itself in my right groin area. I feel it when I sit up straight, walk and when I go the bathroom.

Speaking of going to the bathroom. I am up every 2-3 hours at night to pee. I think the worst part though, (TMI alert) is the randomness of going numero dos. Thankfully I haven't experienced any constipation at all this whole pregnancy (knock on wood), but my schedule is definitely off. I used to be so regular. I could set my clock by it. Now, it happens anytime...even when I'm sleeping the urge will wake me up. That is no fun.

I've been drinking a lot of water at night too to keep the BH contractions away. I think it's actually been helping with the contractions, and obviously keeping me heading to the bathroom all the time. The contractions have seemed to almost completely gone away. Some days I bet I don't even have two of them. I'm so happy. I was worried there for a while when I consistently had 6-8 a day.

Hmm, let's see, any other updates? Oh, I have decided to hold off on the Zoloft the doc prescribed. We'll see how I do after the babies are here. I think the main stressors that have me so depressed are temporary and after the babies arrive and the dust settles and we get back to a normal work schedule our finances will work themselves out. And with that under control it will really help with some other issues we've been dealing with lately. I tell ya, it seems that just as things start to look up something else happens. I'm hoping that we will be able to start moving forward and looking up instead of bracing for the next thing.

Okay, I'm thinking that's all for now. Plus, my arms are totally stretched out to type since the laptop is so far away because of the belly (I've already had to adjust my seat in the car because the belly is up against the steering wheel).

Alright, that's all folks.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

31 week appt

All's good in da 'hood.

My cervix is still long and closed. Yay!

Babies are measuring at about 4.5lbs each!! They've been consistently larger than average, so the doc isn't concerned at all, but just as a precaution I'm retaking the glucose test at my next appointment. I passed the last one with flying colors, but to to be safe we're doing it again.

With all that's been going on in our lives in the last 4 months or so, I feel like I've become a little depressed. I've definitely been stressed, although I'm trying hard not to let it bother me. I talked to the doc about my feelings and that I'm really nervous that if I feel the way I do now, that when the babies are here and I'm tired from lack of sleep and taking care of them that I won't like them or I'll resent them or something. He talked to me about maybe seeing a counselor and he also wrote a script for

I feel like talking to a counselor could be an option, although the things going on are things that will get better with time, and honestly at this point. I don't have the dough to fork out money even for my copay. I also feel like he was really quick to write the Rx. I'm going to do a little research first before I fill it. I guess I don't know what I expected him to say when I told him about it other than recommending counseling or meds, but I'm not sure if that's what I want to do. He did ask if I cry often over nothing. Which I definitely do. He also asked if I have a hard time sleeping, which I do as well, and most of the time it's not pregnancy related. My mind keeps me up and wakes me up all the time. It's been weeks, if not months since I've had a good night's sleep and felt rested and refreshed when I wake up.

Anyway, we'll see how it all plays out. I've just never been a pill popper, but I do want to be in a a better state of mind when these little innocent bundles arrive.

My next appointment is in 3 weeks (since the doc will be on vaca in HI - lucky!). Hopefully these girls stay in until then. I'll be 34 weeks by then and I'll be able to deliver in town!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

30w6d belly pics/1st outfit pics

I always have a heck of a time writing between the pics, and I can't seem to arrange them in the order I want. Today, I don't have the energy to fight with it, so I am taking the easy route...

The first few pics are of the outfits I think we'll bring the girls home from the hospital in. I love the little bunny feet and ruffle-y bottoms. Super cute.

The other pics obviously are of my belly. I don't really feel much bigger since I took pics last time, but Hubby says I am. I know for sure my belly is heavier and it's harder to stand for very long these days.

I have a doc appointment tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes!