Sunday, May 29, 2011

1st Birthday Party

Here are some pics...recap later...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy, busy!

What a crazy busy last couple of weeks! Kaitlyn got sick almost two weeks ago. She ended up with croup - which is a nasty bug. Poor kid. I took her to the doc on a Tuesday. He gave her a Rx for a steroid pill that would help keep down any swelling in her throat from all the coughing. Amazingly her cough went away pretty quickly - within a couple of days, but all the snot stuck around. I took her back to the doctor on Friday because it looked like she was getting a sinus infection. Sure enough she had one, so we started her on antibiotics. It was a slow road, but she eventually got better. Now almost two weeks later from when it all started she still has a bit of a cough although it's really mild and her nose isn't running anymore - yay!

In the meantime, Natalie was totally fine. She never even had a sniffle...until last Tuesday. She started out being stuffy, then snotty, then the snot turned colors and she had a mild fever (100.3). I took her in on Friday just to make sure there wasn't anything going on with her ears or sinuses. Ears looked fine, and she was borderline whether or not she had a sinus infection. He gave me a script and said if she got worse we could fill it. We haven't. She never really got worse. She's still a little snotty, but it hasn't gotten nastier and the amount is less.

Can I just tell you how exhausting it is to have sick children. Seriously. I thought I've been sleep deprived just having twins, but geesh. And, can I just say how fortunate I know that we are that our girls have not gotten sick up until this point. That is just amazing! During Kaitlyn's bout we ended up staying several nights at my parent's house so we didn't keep Hubby and Natalie up. And for a couple of days in there I felt like I had caught a bug. Thankfully it didn't really amount to much.

Unfortunately, Hubby is not as fortunate. He woke up this morning sick. Poor guy.

In other news, the girls first birthday is in four days!! I can't believe we are almost there! We are having a party on Saturday for them. It's interesting planning a party. I've attended so many, but never actually planned a birthday party. And, um...they aren't cheap. We are by not means doing anything remotely extravagant, but wow. Cake alone is going to be $30. It should be fun though. I've picked out matching outfits and shoes. They will be so cute.

I will post pics next weekend!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A couple of firsts...

My first mother's was okay. Actually it wasn't the greatest day and  I looked forward to going to work on Monday. Don't get me wrong it wasn't horrible, but...

My mom and I got to go shopping for a couple of hours by ourselves which was nice, but she wanted to buy me an outfit and I felt like crap. I had to try on HUGE sizes and nothing fit right. It was really depressing. I didn't get anything and she was bummed she couldn't get me anything, which made me feel worse. Then I come home to crabby kids and a crabby husband. I was crabby. It wasn't pleasant. It did end on a positive note. My dad bought some steaks to bbq with baked potatoes. It was yummy.

Another first is our first sick kid. Yep, we made it over 11 months without illness. Kaitlyn came down with croup. It is not fun at all. We visited a friend of mine last week and her kid was sick - I didn't know when I went over there. By Friday K was stuffy, and I'm pretty sure that's why she was so crabby on Sunday. Monday afternoon she started coughing and then in the middle of the night she woke up with the "barking" cough. Poor kid sounded terrible. I took her to the doc today. There sadly isn't any drugs we can give her to help the cough since she's so young. She did get a dose of some kind of steroid to make sure all the coughing doesn't make her throat swell and make it hard for her to breathe. The only other thing we can do it give her cool moist air. Either cranking the hot water in the shower with the bathroom door open to keep it cool or walking around in evening air.

She's actually been doing pretty good, considering. She still plays and crawls around, but she tires really easy and is super cuddly (which is rare :0))

Now Natalie doesn't have a first...but she's just sprouted her 5th tooth. She just broke her two top teeth in the last week and today I noticed one more on the bottom. That explains her crabbiness on Sunday too.

Whew, lots going on lately. I'm pooped. Off to bed I go, and hope that Kaitlyn can sleep okay.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Only three weeks away!

I never thought we'd make it. I never thought I'd make it. But we did. We are only three weeks away from surviving the first year with TWINS!! My widdle gwirls are gonna be 1 on the 26th. Crazay!! We are firming up some plans for the party. Nothing big and fancy, but a nice little get together with the fam and a few friends.

Lets see...what have the girls been up to? Hm, well Natalie is sprouting her 3rd and 4th teeth (the top two) and well...Katie still has zero. Weird.

The girls have a friend. My friend Rita has a daughter who is about 7 months older than my girls. She is super sweet. She brings them toys and rubs their back and lays on the floor with them. I think they are going to be besties. Last weekend Rita's older daughter had a birthday party. I brought Katie with me, since Natalie was staying the night at her grandma's house. They played and had a grand ol' time. Sunday I brought her over again. On Wednesday I brought both girls over to play. I think they like the change of scenery and of course a new face to look at :0)

The girls are cruising around all over the place too. The whole downstairs is their playpen. Kaitlyn is pulling herself up on everything. I think walking is not too far away. They are eating some solids on their trays. Kaitlyn gags and makes really funny faces when she tries something new. I can't really blame her since she still doesn't have teeth. Natalie gobbles everything. It's really funny.

What is not funny is tantrums. Actually I do have to hold back a laugh sometimes. Both girls get mad and arch their back and yell. Natalie makes a hilarious mad face and slaps and kicks...which is not funny. I cannot believe how much they flip out. I thought that was a terrible two's thing, but I guess I was wrong. And according to a bunch of my FB friends the three's are a lot more terrible than two's. At least we have a ways to go before then.

I guess that about sums up what they've been up so lately. Busy little girls they are...which makes Mommy and Daddy very tired.