Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy for AF?!?!?! What the....???

I went to the bathroom this morning at work and notice spotting...I instantly got a little giddy. What the heck??? I think this is the first time I ever had a positive emotion toward AF...ever! I guess I'm excited because this is a new beginning. I called and left a msg for the dr. this morning to get my prescription for Femara. I haven't heard back yet, but when he calls I have a few questions too, like:

1) When do I start the OPK's? I've never used them before
2) When, exactly, do I call for my IUI? never had one before either
3) Am I getting an HCG injection? I have for all my other cycles
4) What is the cost for the IUI?...I guess it doesn't matter, but I want to be prepared.

Alright, ya'll, I'm home on my lunch hour and have to head back. I see there are several new posts today, I'm looking forward to coming home and reading them all.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Another one bites the dust...

I debated whether or not to write about this for a few days now...I didn't want to hurt anyones feelings (because she is might read this), but I think it'll be okay.

A few days ago I found out my friend Heather is preggers. I am sooo sooo happy for her and excited, but at the same time I am so jealous and frustrated. With her announcement comes the realization that every close friend I have is either pregnant or has kids. Every. Single. Friend. Ugh.

I hate the jealousy part of TTC, it's so ugly.

That's all. The End.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

IUI it is!

Well, Hubby went to the Dr.'s office yesterday and had another semen analysis done. The previous one (Nov. '07) came back with low volume and white blood cells found. We weren't surprised by either since he hadn't abstained for the appropriate amount of time and he had been really sick.

Well, the test he took yesterday came back the same. I didn't get to talk to the doc, he just left me a voicemail, but he said that they were going to test the semen for a bacteria infection too. He said that we'll just skip the timed intercourse and go straight for the IUI. Hubby has Crohn's disease, which makes us think that's why they found the white blood cells again, because he is going through a flare up right now.

Anywho...I'm still taking the provera. I think I have 6 days left. Then AF. Then Famera. Then IUI.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Facebook or Myspace anyone?

I saw someone else had posted about Facebook and then I thought I'd give the links to my two profiles in case anyone wants to be my friend (ha, ha, that sounded really pathetic! But you know what I mean) Anywho...


Facebook: I don't know if I have a link, but just search for Jennifer Costello.

Happy Saturday ya'll!


Dr. M on Wednesday wanted me to have some blood drawn to test my TSH and insulin levels. I think there was a third, but I can't remember.

Anywho, I was going to go this morning at 7:30 when the lab opened (since I had to fast), but sleep won over getting up early, so I decided to go on my lunch hour instead. Which, yes, meant I couldn't eat any breakfast. Thankfully, work has been crazy busy, so I really didn't have time to think about how hungry I was. Plus, I was trying to drink a TON of water. It is supposed to make your veins puff up and be easier to to find...supposedly...

I went to the lab at noon. I only had to wait about 10-15 mins, which I thought was pretty good. I was taken back to my seat. I looked around and saw about 5 different technicians. One of them in particular I got a bad vibe from and hoped she wouldn't be the one "stealing" my blood. Of was her...

I don't have the greatest veins for taking blood. The are deep below the skin and hard to find. After inspecting both arms and asking a second opinion she decided on my left arm. She tried that vein...nothing. She decided she didn't want to continue to poke me so she asked the tech who provided the second opinion to take over. She tried the crease of my elbow on my right arm. Nothing. She even dug around in my arm trying to find the vein - YOWZA! Nothing. She tried a third time. This time my right arm and slightly to the inside of my elbow. Finally, success!

As you probably gathered from previous posts, I really don't like needles and not even just on myself. I can't watch people getting injections on TV. I can watch real life surgeries and stuff, but no needles. So, needless to say this experience TOTALLY sucked! At least both of the ladies were very apologetic, even though it didn't make getting stabbed three times any better. After collecting two vials, I left and went to my car where I had a banana waiting. I scarfed it in like 3 bites and that satisfied me long enough to hunt down some lunch. Whew, that a morning!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Worth the wait

I FINALLY had my much anticipated appointment with the new IF doc. It was worth not just the four appointments, but the 1/2 hour wait when we got there.

There are two doctors who will be taking care of me. My hubby and I met with both of them today. The first doc, Dr. C, came in and went over our history and prepared my chart for next doc, the main one, I'm assuming, Dr. M. Wow, lemme just say that Dr. M is quite the "quirky" fellow. He has really, uh, unique, mannerisms. I have to admit, I was holding back laughing at him during the first 10 mins or so of our meeting. I can't really describe it other than quirky.

Anyway, after I got past all that I realized I really liked the guy. He was very thorough. I brought in my chart from the Seattle place I went to before. He went though each appointment and made notes of his own. He asked questions we could ask him questions too. It was nice. The appointment, once it got started, lasted about an hour. Here is our plan...

I need to go in to have my insulin levels checked. If needed, I will start metformin. I will also have my TSH levels checked, if needed, I might go on a low dose of thyroid meds. I have a prescription to start provera on Monday...which is totally lame because I just finished my period a few days ago...but I guess we aren't wasting any time, and I'm a-o-k with that. When I start my period I'm to call for a prescription for Femara. I'll take the Femara and be monitored this time by peeing on a stick (instead of the $150 ultrasounds like before). I just realized I don't know if I will be getting the HCG shot when I'm ready or not. Then the plan is to try the first time with timed intercourse (assuming hubby's semen analysis is good - the first one he was sick and only abstained for about 8 hours). If the SA is not great, or this first time doesn't work, then next time we'll move to IUI. We will do this routine for 3 cycles. If no luck, then we'll move to injectables.

Hubby and I left there feeling very optimistic, and in fact, Dr. M said my prognosis is "quite good". I'm very happy about that!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

homornal dreams???

I think maybe, I've discovered that I have the wierdest dreams around my period. Last night I had two really bizarre dreams.

The first one I was riding in a car going to visit relatives and we were going down their long driveway and there was a field to the right that was full of cars and people racing their cars in a circle around the field. Then, I was standing there watching a stalled car. It was a convertible and there was a woman leading against the car. Then out of nowhere a car was literally airborne and then it smashed in to the woman and the other car. ...end of dream.

Next dream. Even more bizarre. I was part of a running team (which is laughable because I hate running). Anyway, we were running at night and were going down this gravel trail. All of a sudden we came upon a police officer on the trail. He said we couldn't continue because there was a woman who was stabbed and killed on the trail and her dog stood by her howling until her boyfriend heard and found her. Then the rest of my dream was about running around with this group of people and being afraid some mystery man was going to jump out of the bushes and stab me. Nice, eh?

I generally either don't remember my dreams or if I do they are pretty weird and usually scary. I think they are the worst around my period though.

Anywho, I just wanted to share.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A surprise visit!

Aunt Flo is coming in for a landing! I didn't even see her coming!

The discovery of this is bittersweet. Why? Because it means I ovulated on my own, with out drugs. And it also means that I could have gotten knocked up with month for free. For some reason, hubby and I are trying to break a record for the longest time to go with out "cuddling" (sorry Cathy! - TMI). Before our last round of Clomid (in Nov.)it was about six weeks of abstinence. Well, this week marks about 7 weeks (could be more since I don't remember when the last time was). If today isn't officially "day one" of my cycle, that would mean that today is the 49th day of my previous about marathons! I was really hoping Aunty F would coordinate her visit with my two week vacation. How I hate her for deciding to bombard me on my first week back. Ugh.

I guess this explains my moodiness and my salty food craving the last week or so.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Maybe it's a sign?

I just wanted to say how completely frustrated I am with this new doctor I'm trying to appointment on Wednesday got postponed AGAIN. I have officially made my 4th appointment with this place...We'll try again NEXT Wednesday. Urrrg!

Maybe, I should take it as a sign...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

**no subject**

I hope everyone had a great New Year! I spent New Year's Eve and most of the entire week reading. My friend got me addicted to the Twilight book series. I just finished last night (at 2am) Now, I feel lost. All I've been doing for a week is reading the four 500+ page books. The books were really good, but I'm sad it made the last week of my vacation fly by...back to work tomorrow.

Work is going to suck this week. I have been gone for two weeks. Granted, four of those ten days our office was closed, but I will have a lot to catch up on when I get back. Plus, we are putting on a seminar this week, so I'll be spending the night in a hotel on Wednesday night. All alone. By myself. After my appointment with the new doctor. I'm currently on cycle day 45 and no sign of AF. I took a test this morning, which I knew would be a complete waste. But I figured I might as well since I have my dr appointment and I know they will ask me. And I was right, BFN. No surprise there though, since I'm pretty sure we haven't "cuddled" sine before my last period. Nice.

Well, I need to get the house cleaned up and do some laundry. I hope you all have a good week!