Friday, June 10, 2011

Putting it out there

Ya know, I've decided I'm just going to lay it out there. I wasn't going to talk about it at first, but darn it, this blogging is my therapy. I need to vent. So sit back grab some popcorn and listen to the drama in my life...

I think I told you all about our living situation, although I can't remember because children suck your brain out. Anyway, we are living on my parents property in a two story (600sq ft) garage they converted to an apartment for us. I am currently working 20 hours a week and unfortunately hubby is not working. He stays home with the girls while I leave for work. Twice a week his mom comes over to help.

Last Saturday my dad discovers that his lock box of cash he kept in the house is missing. Big bucks. $13,000.

My dad has a drinking problem. The previous Sunday, he came home plastered. My mom had enough and told him to pack his stuff when he sobered up and leave. She wants a divorce. Within a couple of days they kissed and made up.

Fast forward to his missing money. At first he thought that during his drunken stupor he may have moved it. He can't find it. So what is the next logical step to take?

In his eyes it is to ask my husband to take a lie detector test to rule out the possibility that he STOLE the money. Their house is in a rural area down a gravel driveway. Neighbors are not too close. There have been no visitors lately, or suspicious activity. Their house was not broken into. They have three ankle-biter dogs as well.

My husband was shocked to be asked and refused to take the test. He and I fought about it initially because I asked him to just take it to get it over with and move on. He was so mad he left for his brother's house.  The next day I talked to a friend and decided I needed to stick by my husband since I have not even a shred of doubt that he did not take the money. Hello! I think I would know if he started buying a bunch of crap.

I unfortunately was stuck in the middle with my dad begging me to convince Hubby to do the test. Hubby absolutely refused. I told my parents that if they continued to pursue this that we would need to move because I'm not going to make Hubby live in an uncomfortable situation. He definitely does not feel like he can come back here.

So for the last 4 days I've been alone with the girls. I've been taking them to my MIL's place where Hubby helps his mom watch them while I'm at work. It has been rough on everyone. I can not continue to live this way. So our choices were to have him come back here or we need to move.

This morning my dad decided to get the police involved in the situation, so Hubby and I went looking for a rental. We found a cute duplex in town and put down a deposit. If all the paperwork goes well we could be moving next week.

I told my parents what happened and there was a HUGE blow up between the three of us. My girls and I were in their house visiting and I decided to take them home because of the yelling and swearing. Hubby and I don't fight in front of them and I didn't want to make an exception because of them.

So there it is. My ugly dramatic story. The elephant who finally left my chest when we finalized the foreclosure in February is back. I can't take a deep breath and I'm crying all the time. It is so sad to think about how the relationship with my family will never be the same and because of that it has an effect on the girls.

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Amanda said...

Geez. Sorry about that crap. I guess if your dad drinks a lot it's probably to make sure the girls aren't around that anyhow. But that still sucks. I hope things are better in your next place.